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A Brief Mission Statement

Hello, I will be 51 at years end and have the best gift God can give. An 8 year old boy ...or the worse curse depending on the odd occasion I see the cat sailing by and moments later, the boy in hot pursuit, or catching him making something in the sink.

 Ive been making stocks for well over 15 years. It all started off when I realized there was simply NO-ONE making what I wanted for reasonable rates. I really started making stocks for myself, but in 1992 realized that the Ruger 10/22 was going to be extremely successful from a marketing standpoint. At this time I decided to get in on it. My Offhand was the first offering. I started doing more and more custom stocks for 10/22ís than standard long guns. To this day as much pleasure as I get out of making what I call a One Hundred Year gun (one that will, in all likely hood be around 100 years from now) I really dig making stocks for 10/22ís. Often its a customers first venture into the custom market. And a bit of a shock when they start pricing. 

I get a laugh when a customer to be tells me so-and-so doesnt do checkering, or wont use their blanks for a project. Please, before you spend your hard earned cash, talk to me. Look beyond the sticker price to see what youre getting. Right now, Ive got other companies stocks in here getting finalized, a cleaner fit ...refinished  checkered ...etc etc et I would love to have 20 workers and CNC machines. Most of the work is done by hand. A simple machine roughs out the outside, and inside. Then its all fit by hand. YOU are able to make changes to suit at anyone point along the process. A longer length of pull, thinner forearm, fatter palm swell, the list is endless. 

 Let me build you a One Hundred Year Gun.

best regards, Claude Gatewood