We listen to voice over artists all the time in our favorite Disney movies, in commercials and radios. But who are they and what exactly do they do? In cartoons, movies and even some books, voice over artists create a unique voice for the character they’re voicing for. For example, making a soft and appealing voice for the character of an angel or an authoritative voice for a king’s. In commercials, an exciting voice is used to talk about the product to create similar feelings in the viewers.

A career as a voice over artist:

Pursuing a career as a voice over artist is a good choice, and your job is usually done in one take, that is if you know your job. To get started with it, you need to have vocal stamina because you’ll be speaking for hours for a book, movie or documentary. Luckily, you can build your stamina with practice and lower vocal fatigue over time.

The primary job of a voice over artist is to convey the message that’s on the script in a clear speaking voice that compliments the subject matter, genre or the character they’re voicing for. What’s needed is the appropriate tone, emotion, clarity and enunciation. Know what words or sentences should be emphasized, how to express feelings through voice and learn how to alter between different styles and tones. Your tone should not be too monotonous since it will come across as boring and uninteresting, or the intensity of emotions so high that it seems exaggerated and fake.

How to be a voice over artist in Dubai:

There are many recording studio Dubai where you can get all the right equipment and a silent space to record yourself. If you want you can also set up a recording studio at home if you’re doing freelance voice over work. Try to diversify your voice range by learning more than one language or learning to do accents. An Arabic voice over artist who can also speak English will have a wider range. You’ll also need some knowledge in sound engineering and acoustics so that you can edit your work and get the best sound quality.

Listening and observing the voices of other artists improves your talent as well. Learn from the experienced artists in this field, record yourself and listen to your voice closely. Avoid stuttering and awkward pausing between lines. The work is fun and you can surely make it in this industry with a part time job as well.

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