Facts are the essence of anything. Without facts there is no development. Before you ask how development is related to facts then we would like to explain this with an example. For example, we have seen that there were dinosaurs.

And we have seen the evidences as well and when these evidences were tested and used in different way, facts came along as results and these facts then were verified in different ways and then new ways were figured out to get more facts.

One fact leads to another and then the whole game behind the dinosaurs was shown to us and that is how we know almost everything about them. Due to facts and stats, we are able to think that what kind of business should we be doing and it helps us to come up with new ideas.

Speaking of business, if you are looking to open a business that is somewhat easy and you will be making money on how much you can work then we suggest that you open a software house. You must be thinking that why we suggested this business only.

Well, this business has a lot of benefits and we would discuss them later but if you really want to open the software house that gives the best ERP in Dubai or who give the best ERP solution in Dubai or any service in any city then we suggest that you read some of our facts about software development. These facts will help you in determining new ideas for your business, so, keep reading to know about them;

The first programmer: you will be thinking of a male name when you hear the word ‘the first programmer’ but you and all the people reading will be shocked to know that the first ever computer programmer was a lady. Yes, you can read that again, it was a lady and her name was Ada Lovelace and she was born in 1815.

Many Languages: if we assume that the software development or any development was a country, then it would be the second most diverse country in the world which is having 700 languages.

Full Stack Developers: full stack developers mean that they know all kinds of languages but the fact is that even the full stack developers know at least four to six different computing languages only.

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