Safety Precautions Kids Should Follow at an Indoor Play AreaGeneral 

Safety Precautions Kids Should Follow at an Indoor Play Area

There are several important safety precautions that parents should observe when bringing their children to an indoor play area in Dubai. Whether you’re in a large building or a small one, you should remember that electrical cords can be a potential source of entanglement for your children. It is also important to choose impact-attenuating surfacing in case of a fall. And, as always, keep supervision close.

Parents should closely supervise them:

Young children are curious and eager to explore the world. As a result, parents should closely supervise them at all times, especially if there is a possibility that they might accidentally step on an electrical cord. However, even adults can take extra precautions to minimize the risk of electrocution. They can replace normal power points with EXTRA-SAFE ones, which can be interchanged between outlets. Moreover, these cords are protected with covers so that children cannot get their hands on them.

Impact attenuating surfacing is safer in case of a fall.

While a playground is designed for children to run and jump around, the playground’s surface can sometimes become a tripping hazard if it does not offer adequate fall protection. Impact attenuating surfacing is much safer in case of a fall for kids at an indoor play area because of its ability to attenuate impact compared to unitary surfaces. Unlike unitary surfaces, loose surfaces cannot store kinetic energy and tend to compress and disperse during impact.

Teach children the proper way to use equipment:

In addition to monitoring and intervening when needed, staff members should also teach children the proper way to use the equipment. This way, they can avoid accidents and help children develop healthy habits. If this is not possible, a program for staff can help them learn how to supervise children more effectively. When supervising young children, active supervision is the best approach—inactive supervision, staff members direct observation and interaction with children, identifying problems and offering solutions. 

Make sure electric outlets are away from children:

In addition, parents should make sure that electrical outlets are placed far enough away from kids’ reach. Children might accidentally touch them if they do, resulting in a painful electric shock. Additionally, parents should install baby-proof covers over outlets to keep children from sticking unapproved plugs in them. Finally, if you have an outdoor play area, it is important to watch power lines if children are playing on them.

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