Surprising reasons to conduct employee satisfaction surveys

The employee satisfaction survey is a process in which surveyors determine whether employees are satisfied with their jobs or not. It helps to increase the morale of employees and improve productivity. It is a fact that happy employees are assets for organizations as they put their effort to get expected results. Successful organizations take the necessary steps to increase the satisfaction level of their employees by offering them performance rewards, bonuses, competitive salaries, and better designation.

Therefore, most employers conduct the employees’ satisfaction survey to check the effect of these interventions.

Here are some surprising reasons why employers conduct an employee satisfaction survey.

To get the insight of sentiment:

An employee satisfaction survey keeps management aware of the feelings of their employees. Sentiment analysis is a process that reveals the thoughts of employees about current changes and existing issues. Many companies are using these tools to see the impact of decisions.

Give freedom to employees:

Many people have fears to express their negative thoughts and feelings about current changes in front of the boss. Employee satisfaction surveys provide them a platform to share their views effectively. They discuss all the fears with surveyors, which surveyors are supposed to keep confidential. In this way, you get to know how your decisions are creating an impact on your employees.

Reduce staff turnover:

One of the obvious reasons to conduct satisfaction surveys is to retain the employees for a long time. Organizations make a heavy investment in employees from their recruitment to training sessions. So if they lose their employees, they lose their investment and time as well. It also affects the productivity and efficiency of the work.

Helps to predict future turnover ratio:

Another important reason to conduct an employee satisfaction survey is it helps to predict the future turnover ratio.  The most multinational organization considers this tool for their future turnover. Management gets to know how many employees they need to achieve their particular goals.

Encourage to change behavior:

When higher management gets feedback from their subordinates, they are likely to adopt and change new methods that suit their employees. Sometimes behavior change also affects the leadership styles and decisions. However, the survey helps to identify how a department can perform better than other departments, which determine the leadership skills and styles of different department.

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